Some Green Monsters might recall that last week, we reported on the story of Rush, a sweet Pit Bull pup who had learned how to make his bed every day as he awaited his forever home. The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals (SICSA), based in Kettering, Ohio, were thrilled when the video went viral. They said, “We are amazed and thankful for everyone’s concern for this little guy. Thank you so much!”

Rush, too, was very excited about his new-found fame.

For those of you who have yet to behold his astounding bed-making expertise, feast your eyes below:


It looks like all the sharing of that video has paid off, because we are now pleased to report that he has found his new family! As of Oct. 9, Rush has officially secured a forever home with this kind couple, who have an amazing story to tell about how they found him.


After losing their first dog, the couple were initially too heartbroken to even consider adopting a new one. However, when the man saw Rush on a news broadcast, and the woman saw him featured on a California-based rescue site, their interest was piqued. Though the woman joked that her partner should have tried to talk her out of adopting a new pup, the pair soon found themselves on the road, excited to meet Rush. They knew he was meant to be a part of their family when they passed by a Cincinnati Bengals billboard on the way to SICSA, carrying the prophetic message: “Rush to Be There!”

And if you want to hear Rush’s new guardians explain how they found him in their own words, look no further than the video below:

What prospective guardian could have resisted this adorable face?

Seriously … could this pup be any cuter?


It now looks as though he will be loved and cherished by his new guardians for the rest of his days: a life that every pooch deserves. SICSA have one very important message to share in relation to Rush’s story: “We have received heartfelt messages from all over the world and hope we can return the favor by helping other homeless pets like Rush, who are waiting for homes, in every part of the world. If you have been touched by Rush’s story, please donate a little something to your local animal shelter in his honor.”

With over 70 million homeless cats and dogs estimated to be living across the U.S., and untold numbers of them scattered throughout the world, this message could not be more urgent. Giving your time, money, or fundraising and advocacy skills to a local animal rescue group is a wonderful way to make a difference in the fight to end pet homelessness. If you would like to help SICSA continue with their incredible work, click here.

All image source: The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals/Facebook