Animal shelter is a friendly sounding term that implies a safe haven for all animals. Yet too often, these places are little more than glorified dog pounds where animals are given anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to find new homes  before they are slotted for euthanasia. Often, these facilities are overcrowded and unsanitary, with many animals getting sick and having their time cut even shorter by treatable illnesses such a kennel cough. In addition, abandoned family pets are often frightened by the sound of so many terrified animals, and they spend their limited time cowering in fear, lessening their chances for adoption even further.

The Carson Shelter is a high kill animal shelter located in Gardena, California. It is considered high kill due to the large amount of animals who are brought in and the limited space available, creating a rapid turnover rate. The situation would be much worse, if not for the selfless dedication of the shelter’s volunteers, who work tirelessly on social media and with other rescues to find these animals homes.


Working with animals in a high kill shelter is not easy. It can be heartbreaking to watch animals that they have fought for still end up being put down. But in situations like the one in this video, where animals do find forever homes, nothing can be more rewarding than a happy farewell dance!

If you would like to save a life (and maybe get a happy dance of your own), pay a visit to your local animal shelter. Your new best friend could be waiting!