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The Power of Big Oil, a new three-part docuseries reveals how the big oil companies are betraying the public and lying about Climate change.

Source: OETA/Youtube

PBS Frontline docuseries will show the industry’s long campaign to stall the climate crisis action. In the docuseries, republican senator Chuck Hagel admits to his wrongdoing back in 1997 that killed the US ratification of the Kyoto climate treaty.

After a ruthless campaign by big oil, a measure passed unanimously that opposed a universal agreement to limit greenhouse gases. This vote put a block on the US ratification of any climate treaty ever since.

Now, Hagel acknowledges that this was not what should have been done and blames big oil for aggressively claiming that science of climate change was not proven when companies like Exxon and Shell already knew it was correct from their research.

“What we now know about some of these large oil companies’ positions … they lied. And yes, I was misled. Others were misled when they had evidence in their own institutions that countered what they were saying publicly. I mean they, lied,” he said.

When they asked him if the planet would be better if big oil had not lied all of those years ago, he said,

“Oh, absolutely. It would have created a whole different climate, a whole different political environment. I think it would have changed everything,” he said.

Source: FRONTLINE PBS | Official/Youtube

The docuseries investigates and interviews former oil company scientists, lobbyists, and public relations strategists who confirm that big oil went from trying to understand Global warming, to straight out denying that it even existed. Some of those interviewed do admit to their part in what happened while others talk about how easy it was to manipulate officials and the public.

“FRONTLINE examines the fossil fuel industry’s history of casting doubt and delaying action on Climate change. Part One of this three-part series charts the fossil fuel industry’s early research on Climate change and investigates industry efforts to sow seeds of doubt about the science.” according to the first episode’s description.

The three episodes titled, Denial, Doubt, Delay show that companies and politicians will do just about anything for big profits. The only thing that big oil cares about is money. They do not care to look at the facts and still adamantly deny that fossil fuels are horrible for the planet. With the latest IPCC report that says it’s ‘now or never‘ to take action against Climate change, we need to act fast! Sign this petition to demand Biden and Congress eliminate subsidies and environmental loopholes for the fossil fuel industry!

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