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The issue of plastic pollution has become so destructive and severe that we have to make changes to stop using as much as plastic as we do. Slowly but surely, we are making changes across the world to decrease the amount of plastic we use. Many states in the United States and countries around the world have been banning single-use products, especially certain products like water bottles and plastic bags. Even San Francisco airport has even banned plastic water bottles and stopped selling them.

A school in Melbourne is taking great steps to not only avoid plastic, but to teach their students the important of avoiding plastic as much as possible. Melbourne Girls’ College is removing garbage bins and replacing them with recycling and compost bins. The goal is to encourage students and their families to think about their lunches in a more sustainable way and to use less packaging.

There are also incentives to encourage the students to follow through such as a token system that rewards students when they use reusable packaging. According to the Guardian, uneaten food will go in compost bins, and there will still be sanitary bins in bathrooms.

Teaching students and future generations how to avoid plastic and why it’s so important to care about environmentally friendly packaging is very important and one of the best things we can do. After all, one of those students could be the ones to come up with a brilliant invention that eliminates the need for plastic!

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