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Born deaf and abandoned by her parents, Ninita the baby pygmy marmoset sure could use a good massage to keep her mind off the stresses of life!

Pygmy marmosets (or the world’s smallest monkeys) are primates that live in the canopies of South America. They only weigh about as much as a stick of butter making them easy prey for cats, birds, and snakes. While threats such as predation and habitat destruction (especially in the Amazon rainforest) are certainly factors in the health of marmoset populations, the exotic pet trade truly takes its toll on these tiny primates.

Illegal pet salesmen realize the appeal of the pygmy marmoset’s cute and cuddly appearance. Though they are adorable (look at that face!), we’re not monkeying around when we say that primates of ANY size do not make good pets. Primate ownership can mean bad news for both you and the primate depending on human care, so it’s best to just observe little cuties like Ninita in wildlife rehab facilities or just behind your computer screen.

Thanks to the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, Ninita was given the care she needed by an amazing staff and is now sharing an enclosure with what the RSCF calls her “handsome boyfriend.”