Hope for Paws has done it again! This amazing organization, based in L.A., regularly rescues homeless dogs, rehabilitates them and helps them find homes. This time, they were called by someone who saw a mom and her two adorable puppies. It took the Hope for Paws volunteers no time at all to win the love of the puppies. Some tasty snacks and lots of attention made the volunteers too hard to resist for these two siblings.

Their mom, on the other hand, took a little longer to come around. Unsure of the people messing with her pups, she avoided being touched. She truly hated the scare of the gentle snare. After realizing the volunteers were there to help her, though, she came around.

Upon arrival at the hospital, all three were found to have a flea infestation. Baths, some delicious food, and a place to snuggle together made everything much better for these three. Nearly six weeks later, all the dogs are excited to be around people … and to find their forever home! If you want more information on this puppy family, visit the Hope for Paws website here.