Meet Cowboy; he is a Blue Heeler who spent the past 11 months of his life living underneath a dumpster in Compton, California. Cowboy was abandoned by his guardian and forced to fend for himself in the only shelter he could find. For almost a full year, a kind human would visit the frightened dog and leave him food to eat. The person feeding Cowboy had no idea what to do with the poor abandoned pooch, but one day she came across a rescue video from Hope for Paws and picked up the phone to see if they could help.

We have seen the incredible work Hope for Paws has done in the past, so it is no surprise that they immediately set to work to help this little guy. With a little coaxing, Cowboy crawled out from under the dumpster and was soon safe and sound in the care of his rescuers. With a nice bath and some food, he quickly became a highly energetic pup. Cowboy’s new forever home was found thanks to the help of Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. Watch this incredible transformation here!