Dogs and cats are among our most loyal, furry, and adorable animal companions. So, it is sad to see when these animals — who just want to be loved and to give love — be abused, neglected, or abandoned. Luckily, there are kind samaritans and organizations out there who see trouble when its presented and will go through a great deal to help, save, and rehabilitate these animals.

Organizations, like Hope for Paws and Rosie Animal Adoption, have helped out thousands of animals and have been able to find many of them forever homes. It’s so lovely to see such wonderful work at play.


In the video above, watch as Angel, an abused dog, finds herself in the loving hands of Montreal’s Rosie Animal Adoption. The seven-year-old Lab/Sheppard mix was then brought to Pierrefonds Animal Hospital to receive the surgery she needed, and is now, recovering happily at the hospital.

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