A junkyard is no place for a dog to call home. Sadly, however, that was the reality for Elmer and Elsie before they were rescued by Hope for Paws. There are around 70 million homeless animals living in the United States, and Elmer and Elsie were part of this statistic.

When Hope for Paws was alerted of two dogs who had taken up residence in a junkyard, they immediately set out to work. As they first spotted the pair, it was clear that Elsie, the female, was far too scared of humans to make this rescue easy. The frightened dog quickly wedged herself underneath a tight enclosure, but Hope for Paws was not deterred from their mission. After a bit of a struggle, they were able to get Elsie out, and soon, her brother Elmer came running to make sure she was alright.

Once safely in the care of their rescuers, Elsie and Elmer were brought to Hope for Paws for grooming. They first appeared to be grey dogs, but it turns out their fur was stained with motor oil. After a bath the two were actually white! Else and Elmer are now safe, happy and on the lookout for a new forever home! For more information on how to adopt these two playful pups, click here.