Pets that look like they’re making a face are always cute. Grumpy Cat looks perennially displeased, Garfi looks positively enraged and now we have the the gob-smacked countenance of OMG Cat to delight us.

Named Benye, OMG Cat hails from China and looks perpetually shocked due to a dark patch of fur directly around his mouth. It’s taken no time for his stunned expression to sweep the internet, with people making him appear shocked about all kinds of things.


For a cat, however, we couldn’t think of anything more shocking than current statistics about animal homelessness in the United States. Actually, these stats are pretty frightful for anybody. After looking at all of this information, we’re pretty sure that OMG Cat would be a strong advocate for adopting instead of shopping. We know we are!


“What the WHAT?”

fact furnished by Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society

“Are you kidding me with this?”

fact furnished by Humane Society of the United States



fact furnished by

 “That’s 25 percent! That’s ridiculously disproportionate!”

fact furnished by Millan Foundation


“We’ve gotta teach people about responsible pet ownership, this is nuts!”

fact furnished by

 “I…I can’t even…”

fact furnished by The Watauga Humane Society


“Holy missing kitties, Batman! This is ridiculous!”

facts furnished by The Humane Society of the United States

“Wait, wait…are you saying that only half of animals in shelters get adopted??”

fact furnished by The Humane Society of the United States

“You ARE saying only half get adopted! That’s unfathomable!”

facts furnished by The Humane Society of the United States

“Daily?! That works out to almost four per minute!

fact furnished by Mother Nature Network

“So an entire type of dogs is unfit for a home because of bad PR?!”

fact furnished by Real Pit Bull

“This is insane!”

fact furnished by The Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society


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