Ava, a young, blond mixed-breed dog, was spotted wandering near a major intersection, where she’d lived for many weeks. When Friends of Culver City Animals Director Deborah Weinrauch told Hope for Paws about the situation, they set out to take her off the streets and into a loving foster home.

Rescuer and punk model Victoria Van Violence threw pieces of hamburger in an attempt to coax Ava to safety, but she was so shy it took 20 minutes for her to come close, and then she retreated again. The Hope for Paws rescuers waited patiently for Ava to approach them again.

Ava thrashed and panicked once she was caught, but as soon as the dog recognized her rescuers’ intentions, she softened and rewarded them with affection and licks. She then allowed them to pick her up and carry her to their van, where the group continued to veterinary care in Hollywood. Another life was saved thanks to Hope for Paws’ patient efforts!

You can read more about Ava and apply to adopt or foster her at the Death Row Dogs Rescue website. Despite the rescue group’s ominous name, Ava is in no danger of being killed. She just needs a comfortable foster or forever home.

A 30-minute video with lots of details about Ava’s rescue is available on Victoria’s Facebook page.