The majority of Minneapolis city council members have said they want to remove the police department in favor of community-led safety. The councilmembers announced the change at a protest on June 7. Protests continued during the weekend and have shown no signs of slowing down or diminishing in size.

Multiple council members spoke about the importance of safe communities and how police have impacted their communities, most notably with George Floyd’s death in the city, which set off the global protests.


Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender said, “our commitment is to end our toxic relationship with MPD and to end policing as we know it to recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe.” “This council is going to dismantle this police department, ” said Jeremiah Ellison, another councilmember. And Alondra Cano added, “we are going to create a fear-free future where every life is truly protected and respected.”

Public safety reform includes ending the funding of the police through a budget process, engaging with the community on what police-free environments look like, and how best to create safety for all Minneapolis citizens. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is against defunding the department.

Social justice organizations Black Visions and Reclaim the Block organized the meeting where the announcement was made. Both groups have been pushing the city to divest since 2018 and Miski Noor with Black Visions said, “MPD has shown us who they really are over and over and over again.”

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Here’s what you can do:

Many organizations like Black Lives Matter, Color of Change, and the NAACP are working to empower black Americans and achieve justice for those impacted by racist systems.

Also, remember to register to vote if you haven’t already. This is one of the simplest ways to make your voice heard as a citizen. Here are some resources for you:

Places to donate:

Petitions to Sign:

For a more extensive resource list, please see the collection put together by Black Lives Matter.

Through this grief and anger, we must unite and work together to create the change we want to see. Let’s make sure no black child has to ever say these heartbreaking words ever again. 


If you’re attending a protest, please be safe and careful and maintain social distancing, if possible. Check out our founder’s articles on #BlackLivesMatter: Killing Black Americans is a Public Health and Human Rights Crisis and 10 Inspiring Black Voices Diversifying the Environmental Movement.