Miley Cyrus may sometimes be regarded as a controversial figure, but there is no doubt that she is deeply committed to raising awareness for social justice issues in any way she can. In 2014, she founded the Happy Hippies Foundation, which aims to provide support for homeless LBGT youth by fundraising and organizing the donation of vital materials to youth shelters.

Cyrus also announced last year that she had gone vegan, following the death of her beloved dog Floyd. And while she may not be the greatest vegan cake chef in the world, but you have to give the girl kudos for trying!


The star has now voiced her support for a new initiative by the conservation group Pacific Wild, which aims to save the at-risk wolves of British Columbia, Canada.


The campaign – entitled Save B.C. Wolves – is drawing awareness to the B.C. government’s cruel treatment of these animals, who are being rounded up by helicopters and culled in large numbers, ostensibly to protect local caribou populations.

However, Pacific Wild believes that authorities are turning a blind eye to the true causes of the caribou decline. They said, “The government’s decision to scapegoat wolves represents a failure to protect and restore the habitat required by mountain caribou: old-growth forest that has been fragmented and destroyed by industrial logging, oil and gas exploration and recreational snowmobiling. … The federal Boreal Woodland Caribou Recovery Strategy (2008) clearly states that predator management should be used as a last resort to save caribou populations, after habitat protection and restoration. No other predators of mountain caribou are being targeted. If the wolf program continues, hundreds of wolves will die a cruel and unnecessary death, potentially resulting in ecosystem imbalance and loss of genetic diversity among wolves. These highly social and intelligent animals should not be killed because of long-term government negligence of a species at risk.”


As part of the campaign, the organization has set up an online petition which will be delivered to the B.C. government once it has passed the goal of 200,000 signatures.

On her Instagram feed, Cyrus wrote, “I ask so much of my fans, friends and family … but I am shameless when it comes to making changes in a world that at times needs to reevaluate its morals when dealing with kindness and compassion towards animals, humanity and the environment. … I am not asking for money or much of your time, just your signature (on the petition) so the government will stop killing these beautiful creatures.”

Her appeal hit home with so many people that the Save B.C. Wolves campaign managers soon got in touch with her, saying, “Miley, thanks so much for your combined support of the #StoptheExport (trophy hunt) and #SaveBCWolves campaigns. The response in the last twenty-four hours has been incredible (our website has never seen that kind of traffic!) and today the media are really giving this another look.”

It is truly heartening to see a celebrity using their fame and influence to help raise awareness of such a fantastic cause. Let’s hope Pacific Wild’s campaign meets with success! The petition is available to sign here, while you can also add to the impact by sending a message to B.C. authorities via this link.


Lead image source: Huffington Post