It seems that since the debut of Miley Cyrus’ new, rebel/wild-child persona, a single day has not gone by where the media hasn’t published a story about her latest, greatest (or rather, maybe not so great) antics. But while the world was focused on Miley’s tongue, her new hair style and what ridiculous thing she would say next … we started to take note of this good-girl–gone-bad starlet for a different reason.

A few months ago, Cyrus went public with the fact that she had decided to adopt a plant-based diet over a year ago. The former Hannah Montana darling cites the death of her beloved dog Floyd as the spark that sent her down the vegan trail, and since then she hasn’t looked back (she even adopted a pet pig!).

So, when Miley decided to bake a cake in celebration of her father Billy Ray Cyrus’ birthday, naturally she opted for a vegan cake! Okay, we’re pretty pumped that this is the news flooding the E! network related to the star’s food choices – but … we have to confess, there’s something a little off about the cake My-Cy made.

Hey, you know how the old baker’s saying goes … the most important part is the applique decorations. Oh, wait … no one says that.

But in all seriousness, the decorations are pretty amazing, but what has us concerned is this photo of Billy Ray scraping all the sprinkles off to reveal a solid, butter-like block of cake underneath.

Cake or clay … the choice is yours!

Making delicious vegan cakes is a true artform, one that requires the utmost care but most importantly … a really, really, really good recipe. Although we cannot attest to how the cake actually tasted based on this photo, we’re pretty sure that the paint brush and carving tool that Billy Ray is using don’t point to good things.

Don’t worry, Miley … we are here to help. One Green Planet does just happen to have over 6,000 awesome plant-based recipes in our repertoire and we are more than happy to help a sister out. So, Miley, next time you need to make a cake, here are a few that are SURE to please:

1. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake

2. Double Chocolate Layer Cake

3. Raw Carrot Cake With Cashew Cream Frosting

4. Mindblowing Banana Chocolate Caramel Vegan Ice Cream Cake

5. Vanilla Birthday Cake With “Butter” Cream Frosting

With these five under her belt, we’re sure the next go ’round will be less of a wreck … ing ball (sorry, we HAD to).

If you are ever making a vegan cake, don’t make the mistake that Miley did … just click here.

In-text image source: Miley Cyrus/Instagram