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Miley Cyrus has gone through image changes faster than the Wonder Twins. Her newest form? Vegan.

Now this is just dirty. Heh, get it?


As it turns out, the former Hannah Montana star has been vegan for the last year and is only now ready to speak out about it in public. Following the death of her beloved dog Floyd, she stopped eating animal products cold. Now, she’s choosing to reveal her choice because she’s ready to be held accountable, as an example, to others.

Miley and Floyd

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The clues were all there as she hasn’t been exactly hiding it. Plus, her Instagram feed is sorta filled with avocados, which everyone who knows and loves a vegan in their life knows that this singular food is like our version of a health potion in Legend of Zelda.

She posted this one with the caption, “Deez r a few of my favawitttt thangz.”

This one proclaimed “The luxurious life of a vegetarian in LA… So many good plants/fruits/veggies to eat you ain’t gottttta eat dead animals! Everything that goes into my body is aliiiiivvvve! To keeeep ME alive! Love this life!”

Her decision to forgo animal products as an act of compassion shouldn’t necessarily be a surprising one for those who follow the star. Cyrus is committed to helping those in the LGBT community and she founded the Happy Hippies Foundation in order to bring awareness to the issues those in the community face as well as to raise funds to aid youth in crises. Showing a deep passion for social issues, it only stands to reason that she’d extend that compassion anywhere that she saw an inequality or injustice.

Okay, we lied, there’s broccoli on her Instagram feed too.

Miley’s generation is seeing an upswing in the amount of people who are choosing to eschew animal products, a trend that is not only beneficial for the planet and human health but for animals as well. Celebs like Ariana Grande and now Miley are showing young people that it’s cool, sexy and empowering to be a vegan, which is a pretty awesome thing.

Whether you count yourself amongst one of her legion of fans or not, the fact remains that she has a legion of fans. She’s absolutely right that by declaring her support for something, she becomes an example for that thing whether she likes it or not.  The fact that she waited to tell the world that she chooses to eat a plant-based diet shows that she’s given careful consideration to her choice and plans to go further with it by sharing it with everyone.

Way to go Miley! Now, go run through some avocado like a wrecking ball. (You really thought we wouldn’t throw that in somewhere?)

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