Oh man! When will hoomans learn that when you mess with nature … one way or another it’s going to mess with you right back! Especially if you set out to do something unspeakably horrible to another living being and have the audacity to think you’ll be able to get off scot-free.

The illegal hunters who set out to kill two lions in Kruger National Park learned this lesson the really, REALLY hard way.


According to the Washington Post, five hunters decided it would be a great idea to sneak into the park and try to take down a lion – probably so that they could sell his parts or do something else incredibly ridiculous and cruel. They set out with their dogs (yes, I take issue with the fact that they brought innocent dogs into this mess too!) and came across two gorgeous lions. Surely, these guys were thinking “yeah, we have weapons, two lions? Pshtttttt NBD,” but the lions weren’t as willing to just kick it and let their manes become mantel pieces.

In the world’s most obvious game of “YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!” the lions attacked – leaving three of the men to scramble up a tree like frightened squirrels (no offense to squirrels – even though they are my arch nemesis), and one who, well, was left to the lions.


While it is very unfortunate that 24-year-old Matome Mahlale was killed by the lion that he set out to slaughter, I can’t really muster up all that much sympathy – and I am a dog … the world’s MOST forgiving animal.


The fact is, it is high time that hoomans realized that nature and animals aren’t just theirs for the taking. You can’t just have it all with a side of fries like you can at Burger King. Nope. If you’re going to mess with nature, you have to play by nature’s rules, so don’t be surprised if you lose.

One person lost their life trying to kill a lion, but in context thousands of lions and other animals die every single day because people see them as nothing more than trophies, paychecks, or other trivial things. Some things in this world are more important that your own glory, people. So start acting like it.