Learning to clean up after ourselves is something that is engrained into our minds from the time we’re children. It’s a pretty basic concept, you make a mess, you clean it up. Not only is this a common courtesy to people around you, but it is also something that can help keep the entire planet clean.

We might not realize it on a daily basis, but every single one of us is responsible for producing a HUGE amount of trash. In fact, in the U.S. alone, we create around one million pounds of trash per person, per year! When you add all of that trash up, it comes as little surprise that our landfills are overflowing and that there are a whopping 270,000 tons of plastic trash floating on the surfaces of our oceans. While there are many things we can do to reduce the amount of waste we produce at its source (click here for a few quick tips), the very least we can do is properly sort and dispose of our trash in designated receptacles. Seriously, they even color coordinate them these days.


When one man from Australia decided he could forgo this sort of formal “technicality” and dump his household trash straight into the brush nearby … Frederick Tomlinson decided it was time to teach him a lesson.

“Somebody dumped their rubbish in the bush, so I’m taking it back to their house in my ute personally thanks to their address on all their paper work,” Tomlinson wrote on Facebook

Tomlinson loaded up his truck with all of the discarded belongings and set off. 

Unfortunately, the owner of these “prized possessions” was not home when Tomlinson arrived, but he was able to confirm that the belongings were in the right place thanks to a neighbor  – and promptly left them in the owner’s yard.

We certainly hope that this man learned his lesson and will properly dispose of his trash next time. Ah, sweet karma!

All image source: Frederick Tomlinson/Facebook