Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly the kind of person who you’d ever think didn’t have something to say on any subject. The starlet has made her thoughts and opinions on everything from pizza, glitter, dogs in costumes, and what we can only sort of decipher as the art of turning your face into a popsicle, known to the world via Instagram or Twitter. Sure, 90 percent of the time, we’re a little to distracted by her outfit or fact that her tongue is actually touching the floor, to really wrap our heads around what specifically she is getting at … but, every now and then there are some amazing, gold nuggets from MC.

Most recently, Miley took to Instagram to call attention to a documentary called “Blood Lions.” The film follows the sordid industry of breeding and raising lion cubs for the sole purpose of using them as photo props or in canned trophy hunting.


Of all the ridiculous things Miley Cyrus might say or post about, this one exceeds the ridiculous meter because it is true. Listen to Miley.