Freedom Farm Sanctuary, the first Israeli farm animal sanctuary, recently shared an incredibly touching moment between two rescued lambs and their mother.

When two six-week-old lambs, who were saved from a meat farm, first arrived at the sanctuary, they were terribly frightened and anxious. The beginnings were bleak and difficult – the lambs did not want to approach their caretakers and refused to drink from their bottles, which was clearly dangerous to their health and well-being. The rescue team decided to take action. They investigated the matter and discovered that the lambs’ mother was still alive at the farm. They fought to save the sheep, who was at that point not far away from slaughter, and after much difficulty, they were finally successful!

The reunion between the mother and the little lambs is simply unbelievable. In a touching, emotional moment, the sheep heard one another’s calls from afar and rushed to be together. The babies began to wag their little tails and huddled close to their mom. There is no trace of the frightened lambs now – just a happy family living all together.

Visit the Freedom Farm Sanctuary’s website and learn more about their fantastic work for exploited farm animals.

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