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Pit Bulls are among the most misunderstood dog breeds. Most people associate these dogs with aggression or dog fighting, when they are really incredibly lovable and loyal animals. Sadly, Pit Bulls have some of the highest rates of abandonment, and many are left on the streets to fend for themselves.

Bunny was one such Pit Bull. Abandoned by her guardians, Bunny was discovered by the organization Rescue From the Hart. Members of this organization were quick to contact Hope For Paws, who set out to save the poor dog. Bunny was struggling to survive, trapped in a fenced-off desert section of government property. Since her rescuers could not open the fencing, they left treats for Bunny on the other side, hoping she would find a way to wiggle through the gaps.

In time, Bunny made it through and was safely obtained by Hope For Paws who transported her to their headquarters. Bunny’s fear and hesitation quickly disappeared as her new caretakers offered her food, water, and hugs. In the end of the video, Bunny even gets some love from a kitten resident of Hope For Paws.

Bunny is in need of a forever home, so please share this video to help her find the loving guardians she deserves. For more adoption information, click here.