It’s unfortunate how pit bulls have been labeled as vicious dogs by society when in fact any dog can be dangerous and angry if raised to be so. Pit bulls can be just as sweet and loving as a fluffy kitten, playful and happy as a … deer? You read correctly!

Interspecies friendships are not uncommon, especially when it comes to dogs befriending other creatures. Pit bulls and kittens, pit bulls and kids, now a pit bull and a deer! Watch as dog and deer become “fast” friends as they race each other on opposite sides of a residential fence.

They appear to be completely fascinated with one another, even seemingly eyeballing back and forth as a countdown to when they will run. Pit bull Zeke is so thrilled to have found his morning running buddy.

So, what have we learned from this video and friendship stories involving pit bulls? Don’t judge a pit bull by his or her cover!

Image source: StevenW./Flickr