If it wasn’t for Mia Anelli, founder of southern California rescue group, Insight Animal Rescue, pit bull Cher might have never made it out of the shelter system alive.

As a young pup, Cher was brought to a local high-kill California shelter as police property during an ongoing investigation of her previous owner.

When Anelli first met Cher, the seven-month-old pit bull was staying at the shelter with her mother.

“I first decided to rescue her after seeing that she was a happy pup who just ended up in the wrong place,” Anelli tells OGP.

However, just a day after their first meeting, Cher was left all alone as her mother was sentenced to death because the shelter was too overcrowded – a sad end faced far too often by homeless pets in shelters across the U.S.

Anelli moved quickly to pull Cher out of the shelter and bring her home. Anelli intended to foster Cher until she could finally be placed in a forever home, but it seemed that the world had other plans for Cher all along.

Even with her sweet nature, Cher was returned to Anelli after four adoption attempts. Yet, these rejections did not dampen Cher’s spirit. Instead, Cher found her true calling – being a foster mom herself!

“It’s like she understands that every puppy or dog that I rescue is different. She instinctively knows a scared dog needs her to comfort them, that puppies need her to mother them and if they have never had a toy before, she teaches them how to play,” Anelli tells OGP.

Cher’s amazing ability to comfort and foster rescue dogs awaiting their forever homes inspired Anelli to dub her the “rescue pup whisperer.”

“She has never been anything less than gentle and loving with every pup she has taken under her paw so to speak,” Anelli says.

Check out Cher’s adorable bonds with rescue pups at Insight Animal Rescue with the photos below!

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All images courtesy of: Mia Anelli/Insight Animal Rescue