Are you in the mood for a little something that’ll make your heart sing with happiness, Green Monsters? If so, look no further than the beautiful picture below, which shows us exactly what excellent mothers sheep can be. Isabelle, the mother sheep in the photograph, was saved from a horrific backyard butcher facility in Hamptonburgh, NY, last October. Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director, said at the time that the facility was “like a garbage dump with animals.” Not the sort of environment any creature should endure.

Luckily, an experienced coalition of animal rescue groups, including the Hudson Valley SPCA, Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue, and Catskill Animal Sanctuary worked together to shut down the cruel operation and provide new homes for over two hundred animals. Isabelle was among the group of animals who were transported to Skylands … and recently, she surprised her new carers by giving birth to a beautiful baby lamb named Samuel. Skylands said, “Samuel is the first baby born at our sanctuary, ever. Welcome little man, we love you already!”

Doesn’t this display of tenderness make your heart melt?



Isabelle is not the only survivor of the Hamptonburg backyard butcher to give birth after being transported to her new home. Two baby goats called Hallie and Raymond were born to their mother Tova in Woodstock Farm Sanctuary earlier this month. At the end of December, another goat named Olive gave birth to Maggie in Farm Sanctuary’s Watkins Glen shelter. A beautiful mama pig and her babies were also given the chance to spend the rest of their lives in peace and comfort after being sent to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. All of the animals who were rescued from that deplorable place are now recovering from their trauma and learning how to trust humans again.

It just goes to show that farm animals are a lot stronger, more self-aware, and more resilient than we give them credit for. In fact, most animals that humans regard as nothing more than a food source – such as pigs, goats, cows, and chickens – are just as loving, playful, caring and intelligent as our household cats and dogs. The picture of Isabelle and Samuel demonstrates that they want nothing more than to love and be loved.

Image source: Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue/Facebook