For your daily dose of “awwwww,” meet the newest goat members of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! Hallie and her twin brother Raymond were just born to their mom Tova, a goat who was rescued from a backyard butcher in October. Hallie and her brother look adorable and snuggly in their sanctuary home, but perhaps the greatest birthday gift of all though is that they will never know of the cruelty their mother faced.

Welcome to world Raymond and Hallie!

Tova was pregnant when she was found by Hudson Valley SPCA. She had been living in deplorable conditions in a backyard farm and slaughterhouse that housed more than 200 hundred cows, goats, pigs, and sheep. All of these animals were starving and neglected, living in horrific conditions. Luckily for Tova and the other animals, a group of rescue organizations, including Farm Sanctuary, Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and Catskill Animal Sanctuary, stepped in to give her and all of the animals she lived with a new life, free of harm.


Woodstock Farm Sanctuary said in a Facebook post that Raymond (all white) is named after a much-loved regular volunteer who was out working on the farm yesterday and discovered that Tova was in labor. And little Hallie (brown ears) is named after a girl whose family founded the LOVE, HALLIE Foundation. Hallie was an animal lover, poet, and beautiful being.

Thanks to rescuers and volunteers at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Hallie and Raymond will never know the life of misery their mother endured and will forever live in peace with hundreds of their new animal friends.

Tova will now live in peace, free from harm, with her two kids.

There’s no shortage of love or cuddles for Hallie and Raymond at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

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All image source: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary