Many people think that there is a big difference between farm animals and the animals they consider pets. We happily take dogs and cats into our homes and make them a part of our families, but this is not the case for farm animals. Despite the fact that many farm animals are highly intelligent and enjoy the company of humans just as much as a cat or dog, we have created a line between these two types of animals and consequently only see farm animals as commodities or even food.

Thankfully, not all humans share this belief and there are many kind people working to change this perception. Animal Place farm sanctuary provides a wonderful safe haven for animals who were rescued from the agriculture industry. At Animal Place, farm animals are given all the love and care that they deserve and allowed to enjoy life on their own right.


And how do the animals at Animal Place feel about their freedom? Well, just ask Cornelius the goat!

Cornelius came to Animal Place after his mom was rescued from a slaughterhouse. Little Cornelius and his brother Noah never had to experience the horrors that their mother endured while in the agriculture industry and have grown up to be wonderful and happy goats at their sanctuary home. Just check them out in action!


Seeing these two goats frolic and play is sure to warm your heart! All animals deserve to be treated with love and compassion – no matter what species they are.


To learn more about Animal Place sanctuary, check out their website, here.

All image source: Animal Place