You know the saying, “goats just wanna have fun,” right? Although many people look at goats and just see a farm animal that they would never think twice about, people who get to know goats know how special these animals really are. Goats are highly intelligent and share many qualities with our domestic animal friends.

Just check out Peppa Lass, the little goat in this video. It is not common to see a goat indoors … let alone rocking pink pajamas and being fed breakfast in bed, however, in the eyes of Peppa’s caretakers, there is no difference between her and their dog or cat. Not only is Peppa ADORABLE, but she is shattering farm animal stereotypes left and right. She is clean, well-behaved and enjoys the finer things in life.

As a society we have been trained to view farm animals as different from the ones we allow into our homes, but looking at Peppa, does she really seem all that different than your cat or dog?