Peanut Butter. People love it, dogs go crazy for it, and goats … well, if they’re anything like Stephanie, goats can’t seem to get enough of the stuff! After eating a big spoonful of peanut butter, it is obvious Stephanie is feeling fully satisfied. She enters what can only be known as a “peanut butter coma,” a state of pure relaxation and joy. Don’t worry, the coma doesn’t last more than an hour. She recovers from this relaxed state, and is – like your average goat – on the hunt for more snacks. And what better snack for a hungry goat than a slice of raisin bread!

Stephanie is living this good life thanks to the Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary. She was rescued from a rough life on a farm by the sanctuary. Now she gets to live out her days in the company of caring people. She can venture into the kitchen when she wants, and these amazing people will give her snacks. You don’t get much closer to goat heaven than that!