No matter where you look, goats just seem to be everywhere lately. Are we surprised? Not at all! We here at One Green Planet have been talking about goats for a while now, because goats are sillyemotionalresilientinspiring, they know how to have fun, with a big dose of swagger and style (well, most of the time), and have a habit of looking ridiculously adorable ALWAYS!

So, it was only a matter of time before everyone caught on to it. Jezebel’s Kelly Faircloth recently declared this summer as “The Summer of Goats.” As Faircloth accurately pointed out, “Goats don’t care. Goats are free. Goats don’t recognize your authority, man. Goats grow their beards as long as they want and they never, ever wear a tie to work!”

Yes, goats just wanna have fun!

So, move over cats and cute puppies….the goats have declared their takeover. It’s the Summer of Goats, and here are 25 examples of why goats deserve all the attention in the world.

1. I’m here! Your attention is mine, mine, mine!

2. A Farewell to (Factory) Farms, courtesy of Hemingway…the goat. 

3. Goats are on top of the world! Well, figuratively

4. I’m King of the World! Or, is it pronounced girl?

5. Did you find the magic fountain yet?

Nope…still *slurp* working on it!

6. Then there is Totes…breaking hearts and taking numbers. 

7. Baby goat’s first sneeze knocks his socks right off!

8. Did you say you have no treats for me? Because this is all I’m hearing…

9. Just goat-o bombed this picture of a house, sorry I’m not sorry.

10. Step aside human! We’re taking over!

11. I dare you not to get mesmerized by Maxie’s adorable munching.

12. Hehe, we’ve even got Aaron Paul!

13. Come over to the dark side, it’s a guaranteed goat time!

14. Energy Star? Please, this is the most efficient method to clean dishes…

15. You’re cute little puppies, but you’ll never be internet famous by just sitting there. Come on, everybody hop!

16. Gravity? Nah, Goats don’t subscribe to that boring law.

17. Baby bunny? Or baby goat? You decide.

18. Because I’m HOPPY…

19. Oh human! Choked on carrots again? Thank goat I was here!

20. Have a modeled before? Sure, a bit when I was a kid…

21. This goat’s go(a)t some serious air…

22. These goats are just too ambitious for their own good

23. There’s always one kid who’s just a jerk!

24. Piggy! Why aren’t you excited, it’s the Summer of Goats!

25. Thanks for stahping by!