In this day and age, it’s almost absurd that anyone would believe animals lack emotion. Yet, if ever a skeptic still existed, this video would certainly make them think twice.

After a number of neglected animals were confiscated from a local woman’s property, two of the animals – a goat and a burro – were taken to farm sanctuaries, one of which was Animal Place, located in Grass Valley, Calif.

Since Animal Place and the other participating sanctuary could only take in one animal each, Mr. G the goat went to Animal Place while Jellybean the burro travelled miles away.

Unknown to either sanctuary was the deep bond that had developed between Mr. G and Jellybean over the 10 years they had lived together.

Once Animal Place brought Mr. G home, he refused to eat for six days straight and “spent his days lying in a corner of his stall, barely lifting his head,” Animal Place reports.

The sanctuary tried all they could to get Mr. G to eat, yet nothing worked, and he remained depressed.

Eventually they realized that they must reunite Mr. G and Jellybean and an Animal Place team member drove 14 hours roundtrip to bring Jellybean in.

To witness Mr. G and Jellybean’s heartwarming reunion, hit “play” on the video above!

If you are interested in learning more about Animal Place, please visit them on Facebook and on their website. You can also consider helping Animal Place purchase a brand new trailer to replace a 25-year-old one by checking out their crowdfunding page.

Image source: Animal Place/Facebook