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For those of you who had the chance to experience the joy of watching the journey of Frostie the snow goat, there is no need for me to tell you what a pleasure it has truly been. The embodiment of determination and positivity, Frostie the snow goat has forever imprinted his little hooves in the hearts and mind of all who knew and knew of him.


Frostie came to Edgar’s Mission with the odds stacked against him, barely able to stand, let alone walk on his own. However, no one ever told him that and he certainly refused to accept that. Rolling around with his new set of wheels, Frostie set out to make the most of the wonderful life he was given, thanks to the loving caretakers at Edgar’s Mission.


With a constant smile and infectious bright disposition, Frostie showed us what determination means when he graduated from his wheels and began to happily trot about the farm with his friends.


Unfortunately, after an all-too-short run in this world, Frostie passed away after extreme complications from a series of abscesses along his spinal column. There is no doubt that Frostie received nothing but love, affection, and the best care available while at Edgar’s Mission and our hearts go out to the amazing people who watched over him.


From telling Frostie’s story, Frostie’s caretaker, Pam Ahern,”wants people to be kind to animals,” writing in a Facebook tribute to the brave little kid, she continues, “And I am sure Frostie would want that too.”

The slogan of Edgar’s Mission, “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others…why wouldn’t we?” stands as the embodiment of this wish. Watching the sheer joy and inspiration that Frostie was able to inspire in so many others is enough to show just how important this message is. We all have a little Frostie in us, so let’s honor his memory by continuing to spread compassion and positivity to all the creatures we meet in life.


Farewell little guy, thanks for everything!

Image source: Edgar’s Mission