When the news that an illegal backyard butchering operation had been raided in New York State, very few people were prepared for the magnitude of the horrors that were found there. Over 200 animals were saved from living in complete filth and squalor thanks to a coalition of farm animal rescue organizations. Even the most experienced farm animal rescuers were beside themselves viewing the conditions in which the animals had been living, but luckily, they were able to save many of the animals and set them on the path to a much better life.

And from the looks of this video from Farm Sanctuary, the animals are absolutely adoring their new life. It’s amazing to see the detail and care that goes into treating each animal as an individual. But what’s even more amazing is how quickly the animals were able to bounce back and begin loving again after enduring such unspeakable abuse.


While the animals are certainly not completely out of the woods, many are still suffering from repeated nervous tics, parasites, worms, and emaciation, they are definitely in the right hands.

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary and how you can help them care for these animals, check out their website.