We hear stories all the time of amazing animal rescues that leave us in awe. From rescuing a puppy from a ditch, helping a finch frozen on a metal fence to farm animals rescued from freezing conditions, animal lovers will go above and beyond to help any animal in need. And that’s exactly what Michael Libasci, a marine deputy in Stuart, Florida did. The Martin Country Sheriff’s Marine Unit got a call from a good Samaritan saying that they could hear tiny cries coming from the water underneath the Roosevelt bridge. So Libasci went out to try to figure out what could possibly be making tiny cries in the ocean.

Libasci went to the location and was surprised but what he found – a tiny kitten struggling for his life. The kitten had climbed atop an oyster-laden bridge piling to try to save himself from the waves.

The officer quickly managed to get the tiny kitten over to his own boat and away from the dangerous waves. Look how tiny the kitten is! 

Safely on dry land, the kitty was taken to Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, where he was named Roosevelt after the bridge he was found under. He was then placed in foster care. 

Michael wasn’t done with his good deeds quite yet because not long after, he adopted Roosevelt!

Roosevelt will be in good hands with Michael and we are sure the duo will have many lasting memories throughout the coming years!



While we are unsure of how Roosevelt got into the waters in the first place, we are so thankful this kind officer saved this little guy’s life.

For more information on how you can help end pet homelessness, click here. And remember to always adopt and never shop for pets!

Image Source: Martin County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook