When Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society got a call about a young puppy who was found injured in a ditch, they wasted no time jumping in to help this sweet gal.

It’s suspected that this poor pup spent a staggering 12 hours lying immobile in the cold after being hit by a car. Thankfully, she was picked up in rural Alberta and rushed to SAVE – Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency. Rescuers checked her for any identification, but none was found.

This is how the sweet pup was found. It just breaks our hearts to think about how scared she must have been.

Now named Nutmeg, the dog is being treated for a fractured pelvis and will require strict rest for a minimum of six weeks in order to heal. 

“We want to thank Team Task Force for bringing Nutmeg in to us so she could be given the medical attention she so desperately needed.” Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society wrote on their Facebook page. We are also thankful Nutmeg is now safe and on the mend! 



Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society is also sending out a plea to anyone who wants to make a donation towards their new Veterinary Hospital which can help Nutmeg. The rescue group sees over 3,200 animals in just a year and veterinary bills are the most expensive.

While it seems like Nutmeg was a stray dog, her story is an important reminder to pet parents. Taking the extra steps during the winter months will make sure our furry friends stay safe and warm. Most importantly, please never leave your dog or cat outdoors when the temperatures drop and always ensure their tags are up to date. For more tips on how to protect your pet during the winter months, click here and please share with your friends and family.

All image Source: Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society/Facebook