When Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team got a call about a group of abandoned farm animals, living a couple hours away from their Watkins Glen, New York shelter, the team quickly set into action. With no shelter to protect the animals from pounding rain, gusting winds, and freezing temperatures, the rescue team wasn’t sure if the abandoned animals would make it – but they knew they had to try.

Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team and Mike Stura from Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue spent four hours rescuing 17 sheep (including six lambs), two goats, and a bull calf from the property.

When the rescue team arrived, the terrified animals were hoof-deep in snow and shivering with nowhere to go.

The conditions were so difficult and the sheep so frightened that, in some cases, the rescue team needed to “sled” down the hill while holding them in order to get them off the property.

More than likely, the animals spent the night desperately huddled together for warmth. It would be the only way to survive such brutal conditions, especially for the lambs.

The young bull eagerly ate the grain the rescue team provided. Many of the sheep are thin and undernourished. With no food or water source, the sheep probably resorted to eating tree bark.

After a two hour drive back to Farm Sanctuary’s shelter, the animals were carefully unloaded into the Rescue and Refuge Barn, where they were met by friendly faces, heated floors, straw beds, and lots of hay.

For the first time in their lives, they will receive proper care, and shelter from the cold.

No time was wasted digging into the fresh hay. 

All of the animals received an initial consultation and will receive expert care, all thanks to Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team. 



Now that these 20 animals are safe with Farm Sanctuary, we are confident they will live the rest of their lives with love and care. Just as all animals should live. Please help us educate the public about the thousands of less fortunate animals by sharing this post with your friends and family.

For more information about Farm Sanctuary’s work to end farm abuse, visit their website.

Image Source: Farm Sanctuary/Tumblr