Farm Sanctuary recently welcomed two runaway convicts to their Southern California shelter, a pig and a sheep, named Ponyboy and Johnny respectively. In early November 2016, Ponyboy and Johnny (aptly named from the book The Outsiders) broke free from their home, where they likely would have been killed for their meat, although their origins remain unknown. Some time after their great escape, they were found wandering the streets together by animal control officers. While no one knows for sure how they wriggled out of their prior home, we do know that pigs are clever animals. Farm Sanctuary has surmised that Ponyboy probably lifted the chain off of their previous enclosure and Johnny did what sheep do best: followed.

Animal control officers captured the duo and the local shelter thankfully allowed Farm Sanctuary to adopt them as a pair. Once in the safe hands of Farm Sanctuary, Ponyboy and Johnny charmed many of the staff with their sweet, even if unlikely, friendship.


When Ponyboy and Johnny arrived at Farm Sanctuary, there were in need of quite of bit of attention.

Ponyboy was underweight, full of roundworms. To make matters worse, he had mange, an itchy skin condition. Johnny suffered from an upper respiratory infection and had overgrown hooves.

Johnny now has a clean bill of health, while Ponyboy is still on the mend. But thankfully, Ponyboy’s skin continues to improve with each day. 

These two sweethearts spend their time roaming around together. Ponyboy leads and Johnny follows. Wherever Ponyboy runs, Johnny trots along.


According to Farm Sanctuary, whether they are running up and down their enclosure together or sleeping together, snuggled up closely in the barn, these two are loving their new life.

Ponyboy and Johnny are the definition friendship goals! 

Ponyboy will soon be off to his new adopters – as soon as he gets the all clear from veterinarians. Ponyboy will be loved and cherished throughout his life and will have a pig friend in his new home.

Johnny will remain at Farm Sanctuary’s Southern California shelter. Once fully recovered from his neuter surgery and there’s no risk of him impregnating another sheep, Johnny will be introduced to the flock where we are sure he will make fast friends. 



Although they will be hundreds of miles apart in different homes, we are sure Ponyboy and Johnny will remember each other over the years. Please help us educate the public about the thousands of less fortunate animals by sharing this post with your friends and family.

For more information about Farm Sanctuary’s work to end farm abuse, visit their website.

Image Source: Farm Sanctuary/Tumblr