Even though we all live on one planet, we have found a lot of ways to differentiate ourselves from each other. We hold different occupations, dress in our own unique ways, and speak different languages. Yet we are still able to coexist. We walk along the same streets, become friends, and even fall in love sometimes. While it may seem like in the wild, animals of different species would clash all the time (at least that’s what it seems like on National Geographic) animals of different species form friendships all the time!

Need proof? Just take a look at this awesome trio!



While Santuario Igualdad Interspecie brought the members of this gang together, this sanctuary is not exactly in the business of forcing animals to be friends. Meaning, these pals formed their lil’ clique all on their own!

When you think about it, this friendship is not all that surprising. As many of us know, cats are curious animals and when they find a companion of their liking, they latch on. Pigs are also very social creatures, who are very affectionate and love to play games. And considering sheep can recognize up to 50 different faces and hold grudges when you wrong them, there’s no chance that this friendship was accidental.

In addition to being absolutely adorable, interspecies friendship reminds us of the kind nature that all animals are capable of. When they are not stressed inside of a factory farm, getting pinned against each other, or maltreated, animals exhibit an amazing level of empathy, compassion, and love with one another. Despite their different exteriors, these animals are able to deduce that they all have similar desires to eat, play, and simply live. And because of these common desires, they are able to not only coexist with each other but also form a loving bond. Let these animals serve as a beautiful reminder that despite all of the different lives we lead, we all want the same thing at the end of the day: to live in peace.

Image Source: Santuario Igualdad Interspecie/Facebook