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While many people still do not understand what life as a dairy cow really entails, knowledge about the cruelty in this industry has been on the rise, and as such, people having been opting more and more often for dairy-free milks. However, the life of a dairy goat rarely gets the same attention. Many people may not associate the same industrial brutality endured by a goat; instead, perhaps we have pastoral images of dairy farms where the animals are free to roam through huge green fields and routinely stop to be milked by a gentle farmer. That’s why videos like this one, that expose the realities of the goat dairy industry, are so important.

As we see, goats experience the same robot-like existence as their bovine friends. On these industrial dairy farms, animals are crammed in by the thousand and essentially become milk-producing machines. There is an absolute disregard that these are sentient beings that feel pleasure and pain, just like us. They are injected with hormones and antibiotics that allow them to produce around 10 times the amount of milk they would normally and kept in sheds where they have little to no access to the outdoors.

We can all make a difference for animals like these goats by opting for dairy-free milks whenever possible. Industrial animal agriculture is fueled by high demand, so we all have a tremendous amount of power to help end it. Share this video and encourage others to learn the truth about how goat dairy is produced.