Did you know that pigs are pretty amazing? To celebrate these animals, Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary put together this video to let you know just how smart pigs are!

Pigs often get a bad rap for being dirty, smelly, and not so bright, but that’s FAR from the truth! In fact, IQ tests suggest that pigs are just as smart as dogs and chimps. Pigs are ranked as the fourth most intelligent creature on earth. Their level of cognitive ability allows pigs to have abstract thoughts, use tools, recognize their own names, dream, and follow commands. A famous computerized experiment even showed that pigs were able to move the cursor of a computer, play video games, and differentiate between drawings they had produced. Pretty impressive, huh?

In this sweet video, we learn that pigs are also cool, love birthday cake, and are caring mothers. How’s that for supposedly smelly, dull animals? Share this video and encourage others to see just how awesome these animals can be!