Farm Sanctuary has recently welcomed two new residents to their Southern California Shelter, Kelley and Nina – and we just can’t stop looking at their adorable photos. The two very lucky lambs found a safe haven after an anonymous rescuer alerted the rescue organization. The pair are survivors of what Farm Sanctuary is calling a growing epidemic on both the West and the East coast.

Although sheep and lambs are not typically raised under the same intensive conditions that other farm animals suffer through, lamb meat is popular with backyard farming. Most of the lambs in this industry are killed before they even reach one year old and sometimes even sooner. But thankfully, this was not the case for sweethearts Kelley and Nina.


Kelley and Nina, two very intelligent and playful lambs, were found thanks to Farm Sanctuary. Unfortunately, they were found in poor health.

Kelley was rushed to the veterinary hospital, barely able to hold herself up. 

The two are in much better health since they arrived at Farm Sanctuary and have been delighting both the staff and visitors. 

Kelley was born prematurely and may have some possible neurological symptoms. She recently underwent diagnostic testing. Thankfully, her prognosis has improved.


Kelley and Nina will serve as animal ambassadors and will help Farm Sanctuary shine a light on the plight of farm animals.

Kelley and Nina will now never know cruelty and will instead spend their days playing and exploring. 

Here’s to many happy years ahead for Kelly and Nina!




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All image source: Farm Sanctuary