The urge to snuggle with a cute baby is sometimes too hard to resist. As we learn more and more about our animal friends, we start to realize that they’re just furry four-legged versions of people. If you needed more evidence that animals are just like us, take a look at this clip.

In the video, an excited white cat tries its best to play with two adorable orange newborn kittens. The cat understands how frail and small the kittens are, so he plays with them the same way an adult human would play with a baby. It might look like the cat is just spazzing out,  but there’s more to it. Doesn’t it seem like the cat is playing the feline version of peek-a-boo?

Every animal has a special way of playing with its young. Dogs play-bite by tucking their teeth behind their lips, cats pounce on each other with their claws retracted, and people play peekaboo and tickle games. Just more proof that we aren’t so different after all!