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When a kind-hearted Reddit user and their significant other spotted a kitten dart under a truck at a red light, they knew they had to take action to avoid witnessing a tragedy. Thinking quickly, they were able to get the kitten out in time to save him, bringing the little sweetheart home in an effort to nurse the stray back to health. One week later, the difference is amazing!

He’s like a totally different cat!

Looking bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on a scratching post or two, this guy looks like one happy (and lucky) kitten.

Stray animals are exposed to a variety of dangers, the least of which are tangles with cars at red lights (though that is a huge and, sadly, often fatal concern). Disease, malnutrition, exposure to the elements and violence at the hands of humans are all risks that homeless animals face on the streets.

In an age where celebrities are special ordering custom made animals to fit into their purses when literally millions (about 70 million to be more specific) of shelter animals are in need of a safe, loving home – it bears repeating that adopting instead of shopping while insisting on spaying and neutering our companion animals is the best way to help control this problem.

I’m way cooler than your purse dog, Paris Hilton!

Fortunately, there are people like this awesome duo that are willing to open their homes to a lost little kitten. Weighing less than a pound at his rescue, his new pet parents are excited to see him grow up. “I can’t wait (well, kind of. He does have the cutest baby face right now) ’til he gets all big and mature because I’m always scared I’m going to accidentally smush him. He weighs barely a pound, and I’m not accustomed to such tiny kitties.”

Don’t move, human. This is my spot.

The new proud parents went on to say, “The vet cleared his health and he’s received his first set of vaccinations, so he’s now joined the ranks of our unexpected kitty family, whether he likes it or not! (I think he likes it, though.)”

Look at that content face. We’re pretty sure he likes it too.

All image source: Imgur