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Currently, there are an estimated 50 million feral cats roaming the United States. While any cat enthusiast may be happy to hear about this kitty surplus, there are many downsides (such as the decrease in wild animal populations due to predation) to having so many cats.

While the “trap, neuter, and return” method has been slowly stabilizing feral cat populations, there are still plenty of breeding cats on the streets. For this reason, adoption (if done carefully) is often a great decision for those wanting to aid in the reduction of feral cats.

Such was the case for Bou the kitten and her kind rescuer. Bou was found with a severe upper respiratory infection that left her eyes glued shut. Half the size of what she should have been at her age, Bou’s rescuers decided to give her some much needed attention … even if, at first, Bou didn’t want it.

“She’s already got me wrapped around her little claw now though,” reports the rescuer via reddit.

Watch this kitty’s transformation from a street cat to a loving member of the family.

Bou was so scared when she was rescued that she tried hiding behind a toilet all day.

After a few weeks, Bou’s rescuer decided to take the kitten to a vet. It was discovered that Bou had both ringworm and FIV. Poor little kitty!

Bou wasn’t a fan of her first ringworm bath …

But she liked to snuggle in the warm towel at the end!

Now she’s all clean, healthy, and completely comfortable around her rescuer! Looks like it’s time for a nap …  


All image source: snacky_bears/imgur