Source: Compassion Without Borders/Facebook

There are many valuable life lessons people can learn from animals, like how to be compassionate, nurturing, and selfless with other living beings, regardless of their species. In the above video posted by the animal welfare group, Compassion Without Borders, we see a sweet female black lab mix diligently watching over a litter of lanky-limbed kittens, keeping them from wandering into the street.


The kittens were left in a box in front of the clinic in Mexico, when the clinic’s loving dog, named Reyna, took it upon herself to become their devoted babysitter. Reyna herself was abandoned at the clinic after being thrown from a moving car, so she must be able to empathize with these confused and scared baby animals. What a beautiful soul!

Thankfully, Reyna has found a forever home in Northern California, showing yet again how important it is to adopt, and not shop.

Compassion Without Borders is run by volunteers, so every donation really makes a significant impact. If you are able, please consider donating to this great organization, which you can do here.

And please help spread the good vibes by sharing this charming video with your friends and family!


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