Dogs are the best alarm clocks. When they are hungry or ready to go outside, they are right there to get you out of bed. Their tactics range from the most startling wake-ups to delicate, gentle nudges. Lexi the Samoyed chooses to use the sweet and gentle method to get her dad out of bed, and it is adorable!

Instead of jolting her loving father out of his slumber, Lexi prefers to softly and slowly wake him from his dreams. By taking her adorable, fluffy paw and placing it gently on his chest, Lexi wills her dad to get up and take her for a walk.


Unfortunately, dad seems a little slow at getting up this morning, so Lexi has to implement slightly more pushy tactics. Without losing her gentle and loving touch, Lexi places her paw on her dad’s face as if to say, “Good morning, dad! Time for my walk! I loovveee youuu!”

If only all alarm clocks were this patient and adorable!