There’s no way you can watch this video and not feel totally envious of this dog. Seriously, by show of hands, how many of us out there have passed a public fountain like this and felt the urge to splash around in it?

Yes, our hands are totally raised.


When YouTube user Martha Bellingham spotted a dog having the time of his adorable life in the fountain outside of Central Saint Martins College in London, she did the world a favor and captured his antics for us all to enjoy. Maybe it’s the pure joy on the dog’s sweet face or maybe it’s the self-satisfied trotting going on, but it’s virtually impossible not to smile while watching the water-feature festivities.

Dogs constantly serve as ambassadors of fun, reminding us to live more in the moment and to take joy in the little things. While dancing with glee in a public fountain may or may not be the best choice for humans (you know, legalities can really put a damper on fun-capades sometimes), a dog can totally go there.

We’re sure glad that he did too, because it’s both endearing and hilarious. Kinda like dogs, themselves.