Is it a bird? A plane? A Kangaroo? … No! It’s a dog! A rather bouncy dog at that. Dogs have an incredible talent for making us smile and laugh by just simply being themselves. Unlike humans, dogs have zero inhibitions and are happy to just be the weird little individuals they are. And we simply love them for it.

The dog featured in this video is possibly the most ecstatic dog we have ever seen. As he scopes out the cornfield with his friend, he is seemingly overcome with joy and somehow manages to hop up higher than the stalks of corn. Maybe he’s just trying to look for his friend from a bird’s eye view? Or maybe playing in the corn is the most exciting thing he’s ever done?


Either way, we cannot stop watching him! He seems to soar through the air with such ease. Wow, if happiness is contagious, we certainly caught some from this little dog.