Which toy to play with? Which way to spin before pooping? Head or belly rubs? Tough questions for a super happy dog to answer! Then there’s the difficult choice of having to choose between running around and playing all day or laying out stretched in the warm sun the entire afternoon … difficult for a dog! With a choice like this, it’s no wonder the life of a dog is something to envy.

Take the dogs in this video for example. They are just delighted to be in the presence of water, and some even take charge to entertain themselves via waterslides and pool games. Fun times!

When we see how something so basic as water, snow, or a thrown ball can bring happiness to a dog, we are reminded to slow down and JUST enjoy. So go outside and take a twirl in the sunshine. Laugh at the fact that you can admit having walked face first into the closed screen door! Hug your dog and thank him/her for showing you how to smile.

Dogs really do take advantage of the simplest joys in life. After all, the most wonderful things in life are free.

Image Source: Petey / Flickr