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Ignited by the “Blackfish Effect,” the cold hard truth about cetacean captivity continues to spread like wildfire. Released in 2013, Blackfish set out to uncover the motivation behind aggressive outbreaks displayed by long-term SeaWorld resident, Tilikum.The documentary posed important questions about cetacean captivity, and lead to a world-wide uproar over the poor treatment of park animals.

Thanks to the film, SeaWorld attendance is dropping, and it is believed that animal captivity as a whole will follow. Despite this trend (and despite the overwhelming evidence behind why cetacean captivity should end) these celebs still choose to overlook the facts…all for the sake of taking selfies with sea life! What’s worse is that some are putting themselves in the spotlight by paying to pose with captive dolphins and whales.




1. Anna Paquin

As a telepathic human-fairy hybrid on, “True Blood”, Paquin’s mindreading skills must be rather lackluster if she isn’t picking up on this bottlenose dolphin’s suffering. Each year, a “dolphin round-up” occurs in Japan’s infamous Taiji cove where cetaceans are selected by multiple marine parks (*cough* Seaworld? *cough*) to become a part of their animal collections. Those not selected are slaughtered. How’s that for “true blood,” Anna? Come on be a green monster!



2. Halle Berry

After playing two powerful superheroes on the big screens, Berry you are not showing your hero-like qualities for animals. Captive animals are abused and often made victims of bullyingpoor hygieneabnormal injuries/illnessesfood deprivation, and even SUNBURNS. Better hang up those hero costumes for good, Berry! ….or join us and be a green monster!



3. Mark Wahlberg

We see you, Wahlberg. If you think it’s hard to escape both the days of Marky Mark (lol u ok bro?) and your shot at comedy in Ted, perhaps it’s time to read up on how difficult escaping marine parks can be. We loved Entourage and think that you can be a good bro to these innocent animals as well.  Be a green monster, we know you can!



4. Tim Allen

According to oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau, placing an animal in captivity is “like a person being blindfolded in a jail cell.” Since cetaceans use echolocation to find food, captive individuals are forced into an uncomfortable silence. The sonar emitted by cetaceans ricochet off concrete walls and damage their acoustic system. Come on, Tim Allen! Why don’t you pick up your tool-belt for once and get to work!  Be a green monster, we know you can!



5. Will Ferrell

Yikes, Ferrell! There’s no comedy to be found  here. These whales are angry…and for good reason! Belugas have been captured since the 1800s, and those confined to captivity rarely make it past their teens. Just last year, 18 wild belugas were almost ripped from Russian waters for the purpose of being sold into a life of forced entertainment. Luckily, NOAA stepped in and denied the applications! Be a green monster, we know you can!



6. Liam Payne

Killer whales have suffered at the hands of captivity since 1961. Unable to escape the small confines of concrete tanks, orcas are susceptible to lethal diseases and infections. There’s only one direction that Payne should be following, and that’s out the exit! Be a green monster, we know you can!



7. Tara Reid

Oh, Reid. This dolphin was trained to be sympathetic with your poor life choices; he doesn’t actually mean it! While wild dolphins can be pretty friendly (check out these awesome videos!), captive dolphins are forced to interact with humans on a daily basis. The so-called “natural behaviors” you see in park-promoted dolphin encounters are often artificial.



8. Adrian Grenier

Captive cetaceans experience higher mortality rates when compared to wild cetaceans (check out the world’s oldest orca!) By supporting marine parks that use dolphins and whales for entertainment, Grenier is showing his support for the premature sickness/death of marine mammals. Grenier, we thought being eco-conscious was your jam? What going on here buddy?!



9. Isla Fisher

Fisher clearly doesn’t follow the rules of the sea! Any animal lover should know that observing faunae from a safe distance is the best—and safest—way to go when wildlife watching. Marine parks sneak their way around this by offering “educational” up-close encounters. Be a green monster, Isla. We know you can!



10. Pink

Pink, captivity is NOT a funhouse to the animals that live in marine parks. Every year, hundreds of animals suffer in silence hoping that, one day, they can return to the ocean.  Be a green monster! End your support for marine parks that use dolphins and whales as entertainment and start looking at the alternatives. By doing so, you may just save a life.



Lead image source: Justin Bieber / Creative Commons