College life is a brand new beginning and a huge opportunity for students. But the transition from living at home to living in college can be difficult for some young adults. They have to learn how to cook for themselves, do laundry, and balance all of their studies with extracurricular activities. On top of all this, they’re homesick and miss their family and friends. In fact, many say that one of the hardest things about moving into a dorm is leaving their pets behind.

Luckily for the students of King’s College in London, England there’s a kind orange cat in their student hall who can make the transition a little easier.


Meet Nando’s the cat! He’s a sweet little guy who has no problem interacting with strangers.

He was found outside of a restaurant named Nando’s by Andy Ab Butler and Chloe Fasel – hence his name. It was raining and he seemed scared, so they took him in and gave him a bite to eat.

They returned Nando’s to where they found him in the hopes that a guardian would show up for him. But no one came to claim the kitty. They fed Nando’s again that night and he’s been sticking with them ever since!

Nando’s doesn’t have a set home per se, but everyone in the dorm chips in to give him ample food and many safe places to nap.

No one knows whether Nando’s had a home before this. It doesn’t matter anymore, though, because now he has dozens of snuggly beds to choose from!

In addition to being comfortable around strangers, he absolutely adores being the center of attention. 

Nando’s has effortlessly won the hearts of everyone in the Stamford Street dorm complex. In addition to being very sweet, he also employs his talents as an expert mouser and food taster to masterful effect.


Campus staff hasn’t decided what to do about Nando’s yet. But he’s been living in the university’s apartments for two weeks so it doesn’t seem that there is much rush to have him turned out. Hopefully, Nando’s can continue living the collegiate lifestyle until he graduates to a forever!

All image source: The Tab