The four-legged members of our families can be just as demanding as their two-legged counterparts when it comes to dinner time. Despite the fact that these little guys can’t communicate with us verbally, they do a pretty good job getting us to understand what they want without using a single word.

Take for example the cat in this video. After many meals worth of practice, this clever cat has learned how to communicate the fact that he would like to taste his human’s food. The secret to this kitten’s method is patience. Rather than pouncing on his target and gobbling down anything he can get his paws on, he very subtly taps his human on the arm and pantomimes his request.

We’ve seen cats be polite before, but this cat takes the cake (and whatever else his human is eating!). The cat almost looks like he was trained to ask in such a lovely manner … but, if we know cats – chances are he was smart enough to figure it out all on his own!

Image source: Miaouki/Wikimedia Commons